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It has been a little over a year since I found myself alone, lost, scared. More terrified than I ever felt with my Husband's hands grasped around my throat. Now I am learning that survival means growth, accepting that it was not my fault, and understanding that I am far from alone in this journey. 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

How will I even Make it Through Today.

I've had bad days. This is a very bad day.

I woke up 15 minutes ago and looked at my swollen puffy eyes, my raw nose and messy hair. I look like shit. Today all I want more than anything is to walk into my office this way. Broken. To not have to hide it.

I Know I can't, I know I will finish this short post. shower, apply make-up, do my hair in a neat little bun at the nap of my neck, dress myself better than usual and head out the door. Pretending that my life is together. If you feel like shit, look like a million bucks.

Whether you have been crying relentlessly all night, wondering how you will make it through client presentations and status calls and dreaming about buying a plane ticket and learning what a true and complete fresh start is. Even if I don't have the guts to try.